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Act now instead of react.
Shaping the future,
instead of answering passivly.

Increase efficiencies & capture markets

New products, different processes, innovations that the world has not seen yet. Together we raise the potential and create solutions. QILMO provides the framework and brings the methods.

Developing organizations

Retrospective and prospective in equal measure - we moderate the dialogue to unfold the potentials within your organization and to bundle the forces. We create togetherness, uncover tensions and moderate the necessary changes.

Train the people

With proven method trainings about new work we enable people to think and work in an agile way.

Our approach

small steps, big impact

With creativity, a little realism and a lot of fun, yesterday's bottlenecks can become tomorrow's future.

iterative development

Co-creation, we work together intensively on a topic. This results in user-centered and targeted solutions.

focused and eye equal

Always with us is the method case of DesignThinking as well as the mindset of the world of agility - focused, step-by-step, iterative.
Changemanagement & team development, facilitation of workshops

Organizational development

We accompany the agile transition, projects around New Work and in times of change, at eye level with each other. Methods and procedures from the agile world (Design Thinking, Scrum, Kanban) and from the New Work cosmos are incorporated. The goal is not only the success of the project but also the transfer of knowledge and experience as well as the establishment of a self-learning system. We moderate the dialog to accelerate real change.

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Empowerment & Experience Transfer

Method trainings on self-organization, agility & new work

Change starts with you, as a part in an organization. We empower you to bring concepts of New Work, Design Thinking and other agile frameworks into organizations. With the method trainings you will gain the tools to actively shape change. We provide the space for an exchange of experiences in a world with alternative economic approaches and ways of doing things.

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Facilitation of Design Sprints

Innovation design

Qilmo promises to lead initial questions and complex problems to innovations and to develop NEW things together. Starting from the need to the implemented idea, we accompany the iterative process of innovation development with the help of the method set of Design Thinking or very concretely with the little brother of the Design Sprint á la Google.

A single day can provide initial impetus and generate ideas, a workshop lasting several days can lead to a tested prototype, and longer support can result in successful implementation. This is Design Thinking in Excellence paired with other methods from the systemic view and the agile world.

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In the midst of the vibrant Neustadt district of Dresden, you will find a space for creativity, a space for workshops, for experimenting and trying things out, for coming together and exchanging ideas.


Yvonne Horn
Alaunstraße 62
01099 Dresden




+49 174 999 06 28

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Once in a month I write about Design Thinking, agil and New Work. (in german)